Spent 3 years in high school working at a mom and pop smoothie shop.
  1. I was required to ask every customer if they would like to "add power" to their smoothie
    "Would you like to add power to your strawberry banana smoothie?" Boss really wanted us to push whey protein on the customers. Oftentimes no one had any idea what we meant by "add power"
  2. The most popular smoothie was called "Gary's Powerpump"
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    Lots of guys made jokes about their power pumps. Found a pic of it on yelp
  3. If someone was rude to me I would put a shot of fiber in their smoothie
    I know from experience that one shot of fiber causes a day's worth of diarrhea
  4. My boss wouldn't let us change the CD's in the store's sound system so that means for 3 years I listened to the Shrek soundtrack and Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's greatest hits.
    Israel Kamakawiwoʻole is the Hawaiian guy who sings "somewhere over the rainbow"
  5. We also served juices and wheatgrass shots.
    I LOVED watching people take their first wheatgrass shot. They don't expect it to taste as horrible as it does and they make great faces
  6. I often got paid in straight cash
    V illegal
  7. I worked 8 hr shifts with no breaks
    Also illegal. one girl's mom got upset at my boss for not allowing us lunch breaks so for about a month we were allowed a 30 min lunch break. But after a month the girl quit and we went back to no breaks.
  8. Since I wasn't allowed a lunch break I would usually just drink a smoothie while on shift. Learned the hard way that the smoothies aren't healthy cuz I quickly gained like 10 pounds from those stupid drinks.
  9. My boss left us high school kids alone to work most of the time so naturally we did some bad things at work.
    Smoking weed in the freezer and playing beer pong after hours on the roof of the store.
  10. My boss hired an older, foreign woman to watch us teens running the shop for a couple months.
    She had adult braces and was an idiot. One time she asked me to come over to the register because she was having a hard time ringing someone up. I came over and looked at the register and it was at -$11,000. How does that even happen?!
  11. My biggest pet peeve was when someone would order a drink and then be like "um excuse me, I don't like the drink I ordered. Can you make me a different one?"
    Bitch no. Im sorry you don't like your drink but I'm not making you another one for free.
  12. The grossest smoothie was called the super bonanza and it had a watermelon juice and soy milk base.
    That combo always grossed me out