1. Pole dance
    My grandpa's basement was unfinished and had all these exposed metal poles. So naturally I would choreograph dances on the pole to music and put on "pole dancing shows" with my sister and cousin. I even went as far as to write my name in chalk above "my" pole
  2. "Butt exercises"
    I made up a way to exercise your butt by essentially just just humping the ground. I remember showing this exercise to my parents and they just laughed at me. I thought they were laughing cuz butts r the funniest thing when your little. Didn't realize till later that they were laughing cuz I was humping the ground furiously
  3. Try and open mouth kiss my mom
    They always did it in the movies!!
  4. Shower with friends
    All through elementary school i would take showers with my friends. Wasn't weird to me but my parents sat me down and asked that I stop getting naked with my friends all the time