Or more commonly known as a walk up song. For those unfamiliar with walk up songs, baseball players get to choose a song to play in the stadium while they walk up to bat. The song usually pumps them up or could just be a personal fave. Regardless, this is my favorite thing about going to baseball games.
  1. Big Pimpin - Jay Z
  2. She's a Bad Mama Jama - Carl Carlton
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  3. "When The Levee Breaks" - Led Zeppelin
    Just like go fuck yourself, other team. This jam is too good
    Suggested by @madithelma
  4. "Always" - Erasure
    The chorus. Just to get inside the pitcher's head. Like, "THAT is what pumps this guy up? Is he in love with me?" [throws a distracted pitch] [home run]
    Suggested by @J
  5. Cat's In The Cradle
    Emotionally fuck up the other team, make every dad at the game who brought his kid feel swaggy.
    Suggested by @emmaburke
  6. Humpty Dance
    Stop whatcha doin, cause I'm about to ruin, your ERA.
    Suggested by @evanp
  7. Badlands by Bruce Springsteen
    I'm just a regular joe who's gonna spit in the face of my opponents.
    Suggested by @Creamz
  8. Black Cow- Steely Dan
    Everyone gets excited because they think it's Biggie, but then disappointed because it's not, but then excited again because they can't resist the groove. It's just too smooth, baby.
    Suggested by @ameliarunyan
  9. I'm Different - 2 Chainz
    Suggested by @GBL
  10. Flight of the Bumblebee - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
    Because fuck your pop culture expectations and get your epi-pen ready for my bat is my stinger and you are allergic to my Slugging Percentage. (Did I take it too far?)
    Suggested by @donnie
  11. "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" -lyrics by Samuel Francis Smith
    Suggested by @QuinnBeswick
  12. Annie Get Your Gun - Squeeze
    This is a straight up JAM and I want everyone to be chair-dancing in the stadium while I get ready to thrash it with home runs.
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  13. Don't Mean a Thing If it Ain't Got That Swing
    Imagine the cacophony of a stadium of finger snappers while the dancing mascot lindies his heart out
    Suggested by @joeyb