If I watch an average of 1 hour of tv a day, 7 days a week, there's 7 extra hours. Add in the 2 hours spent reading/watching/scrolling on my phone everyday, that's 14 hours a week. With 21 extra hours in an avg. week, I could get a lot more accomplished. I started my deep study of Hulu freshman year, and I've excelled. It's time to change.
  1. Write a blog
  2. Read books
  3. Start and finish sewing projects
  4. Work on photography
  5. Work on drawing
  6. Become better at the guitar
  7. Start singing again
  8. Prepare for future auditions (get back into theater)
  9. Go to institute and activities
  10. Expand my social circle
  11. Get more involved in PRSSA
  12. Do my homework ahead of time
  13. Stick to an exercise plan
  14. Practice makeup tutorials
  15. Work on new recipes
  16. Learn stick shift
  17. Go on walks
  18. Visit grandma
  19. Spend time with cousins and family
  20. Volunteer
  21. Search for internships
  22. Edit a Wikipedia page with stuff I know about
  23. Look for service opportunities
  24. Prepare relief society lessons
  25. Get extra sleep
  26. Be a solid visiting teacher
  27. Study the gospel more intensely
  28. Overcome procrastination
  29. Avoid wasting my time
  30. Focus better at work
  31. Snack less
  32. Break habit of TV and meals combined
  33. Hike?
  34. Become a tourist in my own town
  35. Visit antique shops
  36. Visit all museums (big and small) near me
  37. Keep apartment organzied
  38. Have more quality time with my friends
  39. FaceTime and talk with my siblings
  40. Go to games and sporting activities
  41. Freelance blog posts
  42. Write English papers
  43. Go to more campus events
  44. Create photo books
  45. Discover new music
  46. Knit a chunky scarf
  47. Finish physical therapy
  48. Avoid eye strain
  49. Be free from negative media effects
  50. Finish Beauty Redefined module
  51. Journal consistently at night
  52. Go to bed earlier
  53. Have time to ponder
  54. Add more time for gratitude
  55. Take in my dry cleaning
  56. To conclude, I will go see movies and I will watch select shows (The Mindy Project, Superstore (if season as good as pilot) Jane the Virgin, and/or select few shows if accompanied by friends to have a good time. I will avoid mindlessly zoning out my responsibilities and opportunities for a better life by consuming media in excess.