1. Working out
    How to turn spinning from threshold of hell to hot liquid core: mess with a deep side part
  2. Hiking the pacific crest trail
    Please Gaby Hoffs mail Reese a banana clip
  3. Dancing at a super packed club
    And appearing to enjoy it, rather than panicking because somehow no one has an extra hair tie and it's only 10:30
  4. Chilling at their childhood homes during a rough patch
    I am offering a major cash award for anyone who has ever given herself a blowout to watch Real Time with her mom and dad
  5. Washing their faces
    This goes against basic human instinct
  6. Being a Real Housewife at a reunion
    Free your necks and the rest will follow
  7. Doing cop stuff
    If that was me I'd have a lucky "confession scrunchie" but then again I'd probably also be wearing a cop uniform, which on TV is mostly something ugly background cops do
  8. Killing someone and or cleaning up the aftermath
    Wearing perfect waves to murder someone is disrespectful. Like do you have a date after?
  9. Giving birth
    Don't you dare
  10. Cooking
    All I can think about is how much hair they're getting in the food! Yuck!
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  11. Lost on an island
    If there's a rubber band on that wrist you best be USING IT
    Suggested by @anu
  12. Being a doctor (especially in the ER)
    Suggested by @sally
  13. Swimming
    Watch out for that mouth fulla hair when you break the surface!
    Suggested by @karen