Best Things About the Movie Little Giants

  1. Rick Moranis is legitimately dressed like a four year old the whole time
  2. When Icebox tries lipstick and covers it up by saying no uh it's a cherry tootsie pop. Rick Moranis buys into it completely
  3. Devon Sawa and plenty of him, unlike in that stingy flick Casper
  4. Icebox trying to get Devon Sawa to kiss her by saying if you can't kiss you can't get a job (?)
  5. Where they dug up this kid I'll never know
  6. One little boy just wears a cowboy costume the whole time
  7. Everyone seems to care a lot about having their name on a water tower
  8. When Spike says power I
  9. When no one points out that a Spike talks like a bipolar caveman and should maybe see someone about it
  10. When the popular girl says Junior Floyd! in a voice I would emulate for the next four years, having missed the point of the movie completely
  11. When John Madden comes along and gets involved with this machine
  12. They're standin around Butz!
  13. "Mom says the padding you gave me wasn't enough".. (So many wonderful moments in this movie!)
    Suggested by   @MissBicks