1. Mall Easter bunnies of the late '80s, who as a group seemed to really milk the end of the smoking-indoors era
  2. A sluggish brown and white one my friend owned in high school and loved to bring up in front of cute guys, thus costing us, I believe, some real opportunities
  3. The Energizer Bunny. Have you ever really looked at this guy? He's wearing Ray Bans, flip flops and a bass drum. Doesn't add up
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  4. The 76ers former mascot, Hip Hop, pitched as "a bunny, but with a jacked man body? And he'll wear a do-rag? And sunglasses to make him authentic, like the Energizer Bunny, and then we top it all off with a naked plea for the attention of urban youngsters: HIP HOP! Did I say the do-rag part already?"
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  5. Bunny from The Secret History. No spoilers but it all works out