1. People toggling between the same two profile pics every five minutes for eight years
  2. Aunts who keep posting casserole recipes and for some reason tagging themselves in them
  3. Crossfit brags
  4. Girls posting pics of themselves in what I know to be the stairwell of our local bowling alley and captioning them "professional modeling pics"
  5. People checking in at Arby's and commenting "decent Arby's"
  6. People intent on you witnessing every part of their child's birth
  7. People who use the phrase "with my love" in every caption
  8. My old Girl Scout leader starting every status with: "guess what our 'president' is up to now?"
  9. People posting what appear to be pictures of photocopies of sayings about life
  10. People who ask how weather or traffic is
  11. And the guy from my high school who just wrote "wtf wierded out my new dog has utters and a d---"