1. I'm only wearing black from now on.
  2. I just need some color, you know?
  3. I'm never following a trend again. I'm just going to be classically chic.
  4. I just spent $700 on floral co-ords. those are versatile and will be in forever, right?
  5. Going shopping is supposed to be fun, why am I crying?
  6. Shopping online is supposed to be easy, why am I crying?
  7. It's an investment piece, which is all I'm buying now.
  8. I got 90 shirts for $19 at forever 21!
  9. I vow to get everything tailored from here on out.
  10. Here's the pile of dirty dry clean only clothes I've been building since 2010. I think I'll just throw it out.
  11. It's best to develop my own style based on what works for me.
  12. It's best to buy everything Olivia Palermo's ever been photographed in.
  13. I think I'd like to become one of those people who just wears high quality white t-shirts and jeans.
  14. I think I'd like to be known as someone whose trademark was vintage silk kimonos. Siri, what can you tell me about bank loans for vintage silk kimonos?