1. Friend who was basically over my house every day in the summer growing up
  2. Friend who is insane, but if I called her at 3 a.m. she'd be there, you know?
  3. Friend who would silence my 3 a.m. call and then text me "what's up?" But I get it, I can be a handful
  4. Friend I used to take tap with
  5. Friend whose parents were friends with mine, and the only movie they had at their house was Multiplicity
  6. Friend from work who hates everyone I hate
  7. Friend who used to date the best friend of the guy I was dating, and now we like never even talk to those guys
  8. Friend I always played sports with, but we never went to the same school
  9. Friend who will under no circumstances stand on the end in a group photo
  10. Friend who I went out with all the time when I first moved to New York but then I realized she had a serious drug problem
  11. Friend who's so blunt, and that's why I love her, but sometimes it's like not what I need
  12. Friend who knows what I mean when I say things like "you know the way stereo speakers smell?"
  13. Friend from high school's best friend from college
  14. Friend from college's best friend from high school
  15. Friend who's just like the nicest person ever, to the point that it's almost annoying sometimes
  16. Friend who was like, in my prom limo
  17. Friend from parent-mandated sixth grade church retreat who, like, saved my life that weekend
  18. Friend I haven't talked to since everyone stopped using BBM
  19. Friend from the gym who I'd hang out with in real life but I'm not sure she wants the same thing
  20. Friend who was only supposed to be in Thailand for ten days but I'm not sure she's ever coming back. She just keeps posting pics of full moon parties and I thought those only happened once a year
  21. Friend from college who was like a class friend, not a friend friend. You guys don't know her
  22. Friend who will call my work phone to tell me a story that casually involves the term "hate sex"
  23. Friend who has, like, two kids and a house, you know?
  24. Friend who is actually constantly insulting me but I never realize it until I get home
  25. Friend who probably would still be my best friend if her family didn't move to Paris. Her dad worked for IBM
  26. Friend who will go through this list and point out all the places I should have used "whom"