When you are the writer there's a lot of hanging around. The trick is to never look like you're hanging around.
  1. Wear black. You can't be bothered!
  2. Cross your arms and scan the room meaningfully
  3. Walk in and out of the studio very briskly even if you are just going to the bathroom or if you're lucky the juice bar
  4. Get a juice but then abandon it immediately. You're too slammed!
  5. Crowd around the monitor even if you have not been invited to
  6. Pretend to be taking notes for "color" when really you are writing down actual colors the makeup artists are using on the celebrity with skin tone closest to yours
  7. When everyone else is looking at their phones, look at your phone. Appear stylishly overburdened as you urgently tap out a comment on your friend's Instagram
  8. When the photographer says that's a wrap, clap along like they couldn't have done this without you but it's not your way to make a big deal about it
  9. Ask someone "how are we on time?"
  10. Tell someone else "we're good on time"
  11. Act like double cheek kisses are your MO. Would you be at a photo shoot if they weren't?
  12. Look at phone, then stifle a tiny laugh. Once you know someone saw you having fun, look at them like they aren't doing their job and then stomp stomp stomp away. 💁
    Suggested by @alexandrafiber
  13. Overhear information. Pass it on to others that are further from the action, knowingly. (e.g. "We're about to move on to the 3rd look." Or (with a skeptical face): "the light is a little inconsistent.")
    Suggested by @LeighBelz