1. "Dysfunctional Irish family"
  2. "Dysfunctional Jewish family"
  3. "Ramshackle Cambridge mansion"
  4. "World War II Paris"
  5. "Manhattan's poshest circles"
  6. "Weaves together four generations of Chinese women"
  7. "Gothic college campus"
  8. "Elite prep school"
  9. "Elite prep school's most exclusive clique"
  10. "Elite prep school's most exclusive clique--and, just maybe, murderers."
  11. "Arrives at the seaside villa to find"
  12. "Tiny town with a dark past no one wants to talk about"
  13. "The perfect place to start over after her husband's mysterious murder"
  14. "On the day of the wedding"
  15. "Inside the opulent headquarters of Silicon Valley's most successful--and secretive--company"
  16. "The magazine job she's always dreamed of"
  17. "Rekindling old flames and feuds alike"
  18. "--until a shocking affair changed everything."
  19. "--until a tragic accident changed everything."
  20. "Grandmother's locket"
  21. "Twin sister"
  22. "Camp"
  23. "Cutthroat ballet company"
  24. "Quaint bookshop"
  25. "Priceless violin"
  26. "A wooden box full of love letters from a Sgt. Joaquin McCrow--though her mother never mentioned him."
  27. "--until the summer that changed everything."
  28. "Titanic"