1. "Do you write your poems with a crayon, Deeds?" -- from Mr. Deeds. Used to indicate a subpar attempt at something
  2. "Well, honey, it's sure... warm." -- from Better Off Dead, when the mom gives the dad an aardvark fur. Used on a gift or idea that's just off
  3. "I am not an animal!" -- from a Larry Anderson clip in Whatever It Takes Dude, an old documentary on the Phillies' 1993 season. Said when parents are hovering
  4. "Grow up, Peter Pan." -- from Wedding Crashers. Used to reprimand something immature, especially within the fashion realm, like a guy wearing Oakleys backwards on his neck
  5. "Don't handle me, Frank." -- from John Q. Used in negotiations with cable providers or cell phone retailers
  6. "Oh, GOOD for you. And how was it?" -- from Christian Bale's flip-out video. Used to interrupt braggarts
  7. "Well, I guess they do those things." -- from It's A Wonderful Life, when the bank examiner couldn't care less about Harry Bailey's celebrated killing spree. Used to react to trumped up and puzzling things like, say, Jack n Jill wedding showers