Origin Stories of the Girls Whom Restoration Hardware's New Teen Bedroom Collections Are Named After

  1. Devyn
    Devyn is working hard as hell on that yearbook blurb. She thinks "carpe diem" is the intellectual property of Pinterest and if she doesn't get into NYU she'll just die.
  2. Berlin
    Berlin, who a year ago had highlights and went by Ashleigh, likes to go home and laugh about how basic Devyn is. She already got into NYU and has her dad looking into a room that can accommodate her beloved "axe." Sure, she can get a doctor's note.
  3. Juliet
    Juliet's not going to the dance with anyone, OK? Forget it. She'd rather stay home and look at the Bing desktop anyway.
  4. Callum
    Callum hasn't likes horses since she was 9. And maybe you'd know that if you ever listened to anything she said, Mom.
  5. Laguna
    Fun story about how Laguna got her name: it's the most credible "ethnic" name a team of 16 Restoration Hardware marketing associates could muster.
  6. Brook
    Brook can't ID Mexico on a map. Who cares? When she's a famous anklet designer she won't need to know shit like that.