Parents' House Staples

  1. Doilies
  2. Hands-free phone by which I mean you can use your heel or elbow to dial it
  3. Netflix discs don't trust streaming
  4. When it comes to printers bigger is better. Nicely complements fax machine now used exclusively to receive spam/children's academic and athletic accomplishments
  5. You know what would be great to have five feet from that big printer is another big printer
  6. The collected works of Anna Quindlen with a dash of Hil and Reg
  7. Essential fridge photos: velvet backed shot of children from 1988, pic of dog (deceased) in cowgirl costume, portrait of close family friends
  8. Empty nest puppy who gets treated 10x better than deceased dog ever did and 2.5x better than children ever did. Rumored to be "brilliant." Make some space on that accomplishment wall.
  9. Seems promising