1. Avocados are good
  2. Leggings are comfortable
  3. Everyone drinks Starbucks
  4. Sometimes I think people just use it to call other people poor?
  5. There was enough Ugg shaming the first time around
  6. I heard it thrown around a lot when Lilly Pulitzer faithful got mad about Lilly Pulitzer for Target, which to me signals pot-kettle behavior reaching its peak
  7. Eventually it will encompass everything you love. Coconut oil, butter and coffee, good nail polishes... All primed to be taken down hard by the next wave of Basic council proclamations
  8. I'm not saying Lauren Conrad is the Dalai Lama but her Instagram is an important part of my life
  9. Goat cheese is good
  10. It's sexist
    Women are the only ones being called out for certain class values while men are left relatively scratch free
    Suggested by @gaseous_clay
  11. Pumpkin Spice is delicious.
    And I don't even own THE basics (like staples) w/r/t clothing or food or anything, so I know I don't fit into this category.
    Suggested by @videodrew