I have others I can use if the need arises
  1. Started at the bottom, now I can contour my face myself
  2. Bidets for days
  3. I'm living for the present and lying about the past. I told you before, I've never been to Iowa
  4. I lay down hot singles in the studio and sneak Kraft singles when no one's looking
  5. I'm a mom, an actress and a CEO. Just call me the Jessica Alba of Pennsylvania, as soon as she drops her lawsuit against me
  6. As for what really happened on the balcony, double click my blog
  7. Say what you will about the one percent but we know how to act on boats
  8. Tell your mom to adjust her attitude or I'll ruin your sweet sixteen, Arabella
  9. I spent decades building a toe ring empire, now it's time to focus on me
  10. I sent my pretty daughter to boarding school, now it's time to focus on me
  11. Haters taste sweet cuz they're all just jelly. I should know, I'm a cannibal
  12. I ate all my neighbors, now it's time to focus on me