1. Someone to get lunch with at work
  2. An email address that actually resembles your name and doesn't require you to tag on a zillion numbers that mean nothing to you
  3. Reliable water pressure
  4. An item of clothing so cool you plan on passing it down to your kids and hoping they forget that everything else you wore was meh at best
  5. The right to crushes regardless of relationship status
  6. Wifi
  7. Decent underwear, however you define it
  8. A friend who grabs your wrist in a crowded bar to make sure you don't get separated
  9. A great mattress
  10. A mug that you genuinely love
  11. A skinny mirror
  12. Access to sun, land and sea but also the freedom to ignore all of it and watch Love It or List It all day long
  13. To do whatever you want once a day and eat whatever you want once a week
  14. A coach from childhood who still asks your mom how you're doing
  15. A mulligan for whatever wedding you were drunkest at, the way in school you could drop your lowest test score
  16. Wawa