1. Took me to the library every week and didn't hover over what I chose.
  2. Gave in and let me have Barbies but encouraged my brothers to repurpose Ken as a dissection subject when I was caught making Barbies fight over him.
  3. Made me go outside when I wanted nothing more than to emulate the lifestyle of the little boy in The Secret Garden.
  4. Played the Marvelettes' "Too Many Fish in the Sea" when I came home from kindergarten to say one boy had gone on record as uninterested in being my friend. They added "Not everyone's always going to like you. It's not a big deal."
  5. Made me have birthday parties that involved a gift exchange rather than me getting all of them. Unsurprisingly, my parties had a 100 percent attendance rate.
  6. Made me go up to the parents at anyone else's birthday party at the end to thank them personally. Honestly, I think this is the biggest one.