1. It makes me uneasy when The Tonight Show isn't new. It's my Mercury in retrograde
  2. When Kristen Wiig danced with all the boys and then Lorne on her final SNL I cried for hours and kept saying that it was what life is all about
  3. I talk about the days of NBC's Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, 30 Rock lineup as fondly as if it was college, and to be fair both eras involved a lot of joyous pizza ordering
  4. Sometimes I think about when, in the second to last episode of Sex and the City, Carrie said to the rest of the girls "I had a thought today. What if I... had never met you?" and it feels like a thumb is pressing on my heart
  5. I loved Laguna Beach with zero irony and I can picture Lo Bosworth heading to graduation with a clarity and pride I hope to one day apply to my own child
  6. I will never forgive Josh Charles
  7. I spend a lot of time imagining ways to befriend a Smollett