It's the freakin weekend baby I'm about to demonstrate I have no idea what children wear --me, 1995
  1. For an American Girl fashion show and tea: I wore a fire engine red dress with four rows of giant gold buttons down the front. Everyone else dressed like their doll but I preferred to answer the question: "what if Michael Jackson dressed like an elevator?"
  2. For Brownie nature camp: I wore white wool stretch pants, a white sweatshirt decorated with foil fuschia and green flowers, and a white painters' cap embellished with colored teardrop acrylic gems. An hour after arriving, I fell into the creek.
  3. For my first trip to NY: I wore a floor length skirt and an orange denim hat, but more importantly, when I walked past Tiffany and Co, a doorman sprinkled gold dust on me and I wouldn't shower for the rest of the weekend. When people noticed I'd shrug and say, "that's Manhattan!" I was 9.
  4. To visit my dying great aunt in the hospital (to me, height of a sophisticated outing): I wore a navy silk blazer with a floral pattern and very wide leg matching pants with a cameo choker and a wide brim navy hat. I mistook the hospital tray for a spread and ate what I assume was her last meal.
  5. For my first time going to the movies independently with friends: I wore high waisted shorts and a billowing jacket in an Aztec print with a fist-sized tiger eye medallion on a leather cord. We didn't need a chaperone because I looked like a funky stepmom. The film was Heavyweights. Two thumbs up.