1. I have something to say. Maybe I should tweet it.
  2. But honestly, who can get to know anyone in 140 characters?
  3. And why would I put myself out there so that someone who goes by harrystylezdownchick can respond huh???? You sound dum lol cc @liamzprettykittyxo
  4. So many of my followers reference One Direction in their screen name. What does this say about the choices I've made?
  5. Twitter backgrounds are so tacky suddenly!
  6. Hashtags are so tacky suddenly!
  7. Favorites are so empty suddenly!
  8. I'll just save this thought until it blossoms into a list, to be shared with my private illuminati of bighearted, well-read smartphone friends.
  9. I'll tweet tomorrow. Or maybe never again.