1. Mr. Stark wastes time working Pepper into conversation in the most boring ways possible. It's hard enough to care about Pepper when she's physically onscreen
  2. Mr. Stark takes credit for others' work, namely Jarvis's
  3. When a colleague told Mr. Stark he was only going to say something once, Mr. Stark replied, "How bout you say it nonce?" This is disrespectful and also indicates a dropoff in the quality of Mr. Stark's quips
  4. Mr. Stark continues to layer tight tees/tie flannels and hoodies around his waist. There's nothing wrong with this per se but it's annoying in combination with everything else
  5. Mr. Stark told two colleagues they better not be playing hide the zucchini, and what's worse, he did so while wearing layered tees AND a shirt tied around his waist
  6. Mr. Stark agreed to fix Mrs. Hawkeye's tractor and never finished the project
  7. And he still has those terrible sunglasses