1. Fred Weasley
    This one is probably the saddest because he left behind George, who has never lived life without him. He will have to go through the rest of his life without his brother and best friend. Reading this one made me actually sob.
  2. Sirius Black
    Sirius was one of my favorite characters so his death was really hard. He was the closest thing Harry really had to a parent and his reaction after Sirius died was heartbreaking.
  3. Colin Creevey
    He might not have been a major character, but he was so young and innocent and it was just so sad that he died so young.
  4. Nymphadora Tonks
    This one comes more from her being my favorite character and that I really relate to her. She also just became a mother and left a son behind.
  5. Remus Lupin
    He was such a genuinely nice person and had a hard life. He had finally gotten a wife and child, which he never thought he would have, and then never really got the chance to enjoy it.
  6. Harry Potter
    I know he came back to life, but the events leading up to his short death brought tears to my eyes. His hopelessness as he walked to his death, seeing his deceased loved ones, and his innocent questions for then "does it hurt?" "Will you stay with me?" It was all just so sad.
  7. Dobby
    Dobby was just such an innocent character. Even though he was free he still did whatever Harry asked of him out of complete selflessness and saved their lives in the Malfoy Manor.
  8. Hedwig
    Hedwig was a beautiful owl with a great personality. She was there for Harry to remind him of his true home as he was stuck in privet drive.
  9. Severus Snape
    My sadness for him isn't exactly over his death, but over his life. Something about his whole back story his just terribly depressing. His best friend with whom he was in love with fell for the man he hated most. Yes, he was a terrible person who bullied children, but the bottom line is he eventually came over to the right side despite his tough childhood.