I have never deleted a contact since I got my first cell phone. These are some of the weird numbers that I found.
  1. This may mean physical therapy but who knows
    59add63c 7295 4a04 a443 d9561c65138c
  2. What does this even mean
    602fc6f9 9ceb 44be 8d92 a2032f720626
  3. Remember when you called movie theaters to find out showtimes
    69612d3f ec63 4836 aeaf 67002729edeb
  4. Apparently I needed two different numbers?
    63257d96 4e32 4e0a a02a 716599f4add9
  5. I vaguely remember a guy running around with his phone number painted on his back
    Baa3fcfc d2d8 4534 aa67 7ed1e09ccda4