THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS - As someone who spends every day connecting talent w/brands for various campaigns, I hear A LOT of marketing jargon & BS phrases of the week/month/year. Some are totally necessary, but get tiresome after the 100th, 1000th, 1000000th time you hear them. Here are a few...please feel free to add suggestions!
  1. ORGANIC - this word should now only be used when referring to the process by which plant materials are grown. Brand marketers hijacked this word about 7 or 8 years ago and just totally ruined it by applying it to everything.
  2. INFLUENCER - this one is tough because it is a noun that must be used to describe a person whom has influence over others, which is literally the hottest and most desirable commodity in brand marketing. BUT, can we all at least admit we are a bit sick of hearing it thrown around by everyone trying to sell something?
  4. MILLENNIAL - even millennials have to be sick of this label that has become a variety of stereotypes
  7. OUTSIDE THE BOX - who put us in this "box" in the first place?!?
  8. INCEPTION - it was a movie people, and a good one for sure, but brands need to let the dream die that they are going to accomplish this same concept thru commercials
  9. ENGAGEMENT - often paired with Organic or Authentic (see above)