I am one of those people who wakes up and immediately looks at her phone. And I'm trying to shorten and streamline my routine.
  1. Notifications
    Probably didn't get any texts... But a girl can hope
  2. Instagram
    I have to see everything I missed. This takes the longest because I really go through carefully
  3. Refinery 29
    My favorite fashion/ news source
  4. Man Repeller
    This is a new addition that I think will help me start my day in an intellectual and uplifting way
  5. Facebook Pages/ Etsy
    Check the biz
  6. Twitter
    But usually only those 5 tweets that they show you in the 'While You Were Away' section.
  7. Daily Horoscope
    ???????? Why not
  8. Dark Sky
    Best weather app hands down
  9. Pinterest Style Board
    To pick out my clothes