One of my favorite past times is watching TED talks. I'm not a big reader, so I learn about what's going on in the world through TED.
  1. Bjarke Ingalls- 3 warp speed architecture tales
    So cute. Need to visit Copenhagen. Everything should be like this.
  2. Malala's dad's talk
  3. Ken ?- How Schools Kill Creativity
    Did a whole presentation based on this in high school. Really made me think about education in general
  4. Sugata Mitra- Kids Can Teach Themselves
    Education is a common theme. But this one is so amazing. Also very funny and cute
  5. Temple Grandin
    So amazing! Love her. Her movie is also excellent, Claire Danes is wonderful
  6. Everyone should be a feminist
    Feat. In Flawless by Beyoncé. A flawless talk
  7. David Blaine- How I held my breath for 17 minutes
    Good, gross
  8. That German guy with the stats
    I've seen this one 5 times in class and always laugh and think differently about the world
  9. A guerilla gardener in south central
    "Plant some shit"