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Well technically it was yesterday. This was the lunch crew.
  1. Chris and Kristi
    Visiting from Davenport, IA. Talked about breweries in the area, camping, Iowa, and not having a tv. I also pretended to know about Metallica and other rock bands by nodding my head and repeating "Oooh yeah, ok that's cool!"
  2. Chad and Brian
    Two of eight chefs from us bank stadium that frequent the bar on a daily basis. We talked about Megan's and how "most of them are rockstars" they got a good laugh in when I followed up with "I'm not one of those Megans by any means"
  3. Megan and Shane
    Some more regulars that fire zingers one after another. We always have fun when they come in for a few drinks.
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  1. Plain/black/no room
    From anywhere. Starbucks, gas station, home, local place, greasy diner, don't care. Pike place is my favorite but I'm not too picky
  2. Almond milk, 1 stevia
    I only have this at home before I go to the gym. I can drink it faster because it's cooled down and sweeter.
  3. Chai latte, skim milk
    Is this even coffee? Whatever. Only once in awhile because who can afford that on a daily basis.
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  1. No-hi-o
    Ohio vetos medical marijuana
  2. Bach, in a moment
    A preview to a story about people in Brooklyn inviting classical music into their living rooms
  3. We're Bach
    Back from commercial break
Because I miss college, but not the homework
  1. Critical television studies
    Becoming an active viewer of television has been quite the eye opening experience. I kept one of our books, "How to watch television" as a coffee table book. I wrote my senior thesis in the class, which was one of my smartest decisions I made in college. 18 pages about Louie. I had a blast writing it.
  2. Marathon Training
    3 credits to train for a marathon with my best friend. The final was completing the Eau Claire Marathon.
  3. Geography of the Twin Cities
    I took this class without knowing what it was because it fulfilled a requirement and fit into the time space I needed for optimal work hours. Turns out it was about the history and development of the twin cities. I learned so much in this class. It came at the perfect time. I was into urban exploring- I was seeing in person the things we learned about in class. I was also commuting solely on bike- my self awareness of location in the city grew.
  4. Intro to Cinematography
    Already an avid photographer, cinematography was my next step. Thankfully I noticed I was close to a cinematography and media minor, I just needed a couple of courses for completion. Cinematography was a blast and extremely challenging. Our teacher was a brilliant filmmaker with so much passion. The only negative- his short stories are all horror. At the end of each class (night class) he'd show us one. Then I had to bike home 2 miles in the dark and scared.
I decided I wanted to track my day
  1. 4:30 hit snooze
  2. 5:30 somehow made it to the gym to do a workout class with my parents
  3. 6:45 watched the sunrise sitting on my car roof
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My favorite states based on their boarders and why
  1. Minnesota
    (Completely disregard the fact that I am born and raised in MN) MN has it all: it's proportionate, it's balanced, it's got curves, sharp points, a little nibblet, it's unique and upright.
  2. Texas
    That eagle shape...beautiful. Texas is connected and a solid shape.
  3. Hawaii
    The islands descend in size ever so nicely which is really pleasing to the eyes
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