Because I miss college, but not the homework
  1. Critical television studies
    Becoming an active viewer of television has been quite the eye opening experience. I kept one of our books, "How to watch television" as a coffee table book. I wrote my senior thesis in the class, which was one of my smartest decisions I made in college. 18 pages about Louie. I had a blast writing it.
  2. Marathon Training
    3 credits to train for a marathon with my best friend. The final was completing the Eau Claire Marathon.
  3. Geography of the Twin Cities
    I took this class without knowing what it was because it fulfilled a requirement and fit into the time space I needed for optimal work hours. Turns out it was about the history and development of the twin cities. I learned so much in this class. It came at the perfect time. I was into urban exploring- I was seeing in person the things we learned about in class. I was also commuting solely on bike- my self awareness of location in the city grew.
  4. Intro to Cinematography
    Already an avid photographer, cinematography was my next step. Thankfully I noticed I was close to a cinematography and media minor, I just needed a couple of courses for completion. Cinematography was a blast and extremely challenging. Our teacher was a brilliant filmmaker with so much passion. The only negative- his short stories are all horror. At the end of each class (night class) he'd show us one. Then I had to bike home 2 miles in the dark and scared.