I decided I wanted to track my day
  1. 4:30 hit snooze
  2. 5:30 somehow made it to the gym to do a workout class with my parents
  3. 6:45 watched the sunrise sitting on my car roof
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  4. 7:00-8:00 showered*
    *showering itself didn't take an hour but the procrastinating by standing next to the shower looking at my phone took 45 mins
  5. 8:05- 8:45 looked for the volume remote and got made when my Apple TV remote was making the volume change on my computer while I was using it with the tv
    ...Just, I know
  6. 8:50 made more coffee and got music working
    Put on where the light is: live in la by @john because for the last week this is my morning album routine
  7. 9:00 read "why I adore the night" by Jeanette winterson
    One of my favorite essays.
  8. 9:30 made a list. State shapes.
  9. 10:06 reheated coffee
  10. 10:10- 10:50 looked at photos on the internet and read some quotes
  11. 10:50-11:30 watched "oh my god" Louis ck
    Paused half way through
  12. 11:30 went on a bike ride
    November 3rd and it's 65 degrees? WTF MN?
  13. 12:15 made lunch and watched Louie
  14. 1:45 dentist. Yuck.
  15. 3:00 cancelled my Genius Bar appointment
    It's was too nice outside to be stuck inside the apple store.
  16. 3:30 talked to a mom friend whose daughter was recently diagnosed with arthritis
    Does this make me an influential person of interest? Or a doctor? Probably.
  17. 4:15 went for a walk with my parents.
    We do this every night. Last night was the extra long route.
  18. 5:30 dad made me dinner
    I will miss the meals when I'm no longer living with a magnificent personal chef
  19. 6:00 prepared for a phone interview
  20. 6:05 scoured Craigslist for a place in Seattle
    Because that's more fun
  21. 7:30 watched arrested development with my parents
    Since I'm a television expert I've been taking my parents through some series they need to watch. Veep was the first, Derek is next on the list.
  22. 8:45 ventured to my basement room
    Internet musings. Nothing. Read an interview with Pamela Adolan. Look forward to her show