I love ☕️
  1. Plain/black/no room
    From anywhere. Starbucks, gas station, home, local place, greasy diner, don't care. Pike place is my favorite but I'm not too picky
  2. Almond milk, 1 stevia
    I only have this at home before I go to the gym. I can drink it faster because it's cooled down and sweeter.
  3. Chai latte, skim milk
    Is this even coffee? Whatever. Only once in awhile because who can afford that on a daily basis.
  4. Once I had a frappachino (sp?)
    It was okay. But it was a hot day and my friend got ordered the same thing.
  5. Iced coffee
    Every summer I make the same mistake of ordering iced coffee on a hot day. Yuck.