the things that college commuters experience on a daily basis
  1. ugh why do I have to leave an hour early for this class
  2. why do people drive so slow on the highway
  3. *arrives at school* time to play the "find the closest parking spot" game
  4. why are there no spots in this parking lot? are there really this many commuters at school?!?
  5. wow this is a far walk from my car to the academic buildings, at least it's not raining!
  6. first one in class, like always
  7. man I wish there was an area for commuters to nap
  8. is it time to go home yet?
  9. sike, I still have four more hours worth of classes
  10. finally, I can leave now! FREEDOM!
  11. of course, it's raining and I left my umbrella in my car
  12. wait, where did I park today?
  13. why are there so many cars on the highway today? come on people, DRIVE!
  14. finally make it home and think, I have to do this all again tomorrow.