Inspired by @TQ and @saytrumbo.
  1. With my lovely sister (@shoogs) at a bowling fundraiser for her neighborhood.
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    NOT PICTURED: me kicking ass and getting a turkey in the 10th frame!!!
  2. With the February birthday crew in my fam, blowing out our candles.
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  3. With my cousin's chunky little baby on Passover!
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    Eeeeee! 😍
  4. With the dumbest little dog that I love snuggling anyway.
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  5. With some great friends on an annual Friends Trip to NC.
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    We had just arrived after a 10-hour drive, the last leg of which was on the Tail of the Dragon (318 curves in 11 miles!)
  6. With my sis again.
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    Love you @shoogs 😘
  7. With my adorable bespectacled friends at their wedding shower!
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  8. With my oldest friend at her beautiful wedding.
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    I attended a LOT of weddings this year...
  9. With some more friends that got married.
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    The ladies in the middle! And it was legal! And wonderful!
  10. With my mom, who is significantly shorter than me.
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    At yet ANOTHER wedding.
  11. With my BFF Gina having a wine night in her boyfriend's studio.
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  12. With DOUG on Halloween, dressed as Eureeka.
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    Not a single person at the party knew who I was (WTF, seriously), but I'm still proud of that damn costume. 🌙
  13. With my dad's side of the family.
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    Eating my weight in shrimp.
  14. With (you guessed it), my seester.
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    Again! Yes, we are inseparable.
  15. Yup. 🤓
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  16. Bonus: watching the snow fall last night in a random parking lot.
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    *I am not as happy as I appear in this photo. It is miserably cold in Michigan right now. ☃🔫