I think we can all agree the world would be a better place if the car companies got a little more creative.
  1. Saturn Urn
  2. Chevy Perverse
  3. Subaru McClanahan
  4. GMC MC McGee
  5. Jeep Beep Beep
    For babies only.
  6. Ford Commaharrison
  7. Buick Recall
    I know this will never happen but WHAT IF?!?!?
  8. Pontiac Heart Attack
    If you drove this car, I bet you would really feel like you were livin' on the edge!
  9. Honda Yolanda
  10. Honda Civic Responsibility
  11. Lincoln Memorial
  12. Mitsubishi Lance Bass
  13. Nissan Ultimate Frisbee
  14. Volkswagen UTI
  15. Chevy Chase
    Question: how is it pronounced? Ch- as in cheese or Ch- as Charlemagne? Or are both pronounced like the Ch- in challah? This could be a major rebranding move for Chevrolet. Confusion sells, people.
  16. Pontiac Grandpa
  17. Dodge Ball
    I genuinely want to know why Dodge hasn't already thought of this.