Here's the very best from LD's quintessential sidekick, Leon Black.
  1. I can't pause toast! If this toast goes back in that machine, it's gonna lose its essence.
  2. A-jack-a-lit?
  3. Fuck the Tonys. Who the fuck is Tony?
  4. Turn that shit around on him...topsy-turvy that motherfucker!
  5. Long balls. You've got long ass balls, Larry. Long-ball Larry. Long balls...change your drawers!
  6. Michael J. Fox is about to be Michael J. Fucked Up in a minute.
  7. Mopey Dick, man. His dick is mopin'!
  8. Barack Obama motherfucker! Barack Obama! I'm the president of hittin' that ass!
  9. Bar mitz-fit!
  10. No, no, no-no. You misunderstood. It's once every thirteen years. You gotta recharge the mitzvah! So you always keep your mitzvah kinda full. At capacity! Mitzvah capacity.
  11. I Danny Duberstein-ed the FUCK outta that man in that room!
  12. You get in that ass, Larry!
    That's what the fuck you do. You let that man slide today. You gotta immediately get in somebody's ass when that happens to you. You pull their asshole open, step into their asshole, close the door behind you. You take a spray paint can, right? You spray paint "LARRY WAS HERE", "WASH ME", all that kind of shit. Fuck his whole asshole up. Eat a Snickers bar, throw the paper on the floor, read a newspaper and throw the newspaper on the floor, fuck his whole asshole up!