Thanks for this request @Fitz! I've honestly been dying to list about this topic because being a human of any unusual size around other humans is WEIRD and complicated.
  1. â€ĸ
    WORST: slow dancing in middle school.
    Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine a green bean dancing with a lima bean, or a giraffe dancing with a yorkie, or a clown on stilts dancing with a child not on stilts (ugh so creepy, sorry) or a lighthouse dancing with a pocket flashlight. I felt like the much larger item in these scenarios at every school dance. I prayed for the tall boys to ask me to dance, but it was always the shortest ones. Always. 😞
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    BEST: passing as much older than I really was.
    This often came in handy as a teenager. I was both taller and more mature-looking (see: boobs) than my most of my friends, so I could purchase adult items with less questioning, get us into R-rated movies, AND older boys asked me out. All wins.
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    WORST: never being "cute" or "tiny".
    This one still bothers me despite being a grown ass woman. I just want some giant to come along and pick me up, swing me around, and tell me how adorably small I am!!! Never going to happen. đŸ˜Ĩ
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    BEST: reaching items in high cupboards.
    I take it for granted that I don't need a stool to access anything in a kitchen, but I guess it's kinda badass? "Oh, you can't get that Magic Bullet down from there cause you're a miniature person??? I GOT YOU, GIRL."
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    WORST: the assumption that I would be good at sports.
    I got chosen for the basketball and volleyball teams by DEFAULT, not because I was particularly skilled. I'm a creative type, not an athlete, but they just HAD to put me on the team. Plenty of embarrassment followed. đŸ˜Ŧ
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    BEST: being able to see everything at concerts, even from the back.
    The downside is you can't get too close or people will rage, but I'm cool with that. Here, small human, step directly in front of me and everyone wins. 🎉
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    WORST: not feeling comfortable in heels.
    Why am I not a "shoe girl", you ask? Because any heel higher than 2 inches makes me feel like an effing freak, and all the cutest shoes have absurdly tall heels. Short girls can wear them and still look petite and graceful. I put on 4 inch heels and it increases my awkwardness by a bazillion points. I am already very awkward and clumsy. đŸ˜ŗ
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    WORST: photos of me and my small to normal sized friends.
    I just look ridiculous and out of place. My parents were regularly amused at my absurd height but it was NOT funny to baby Megan. ☚ī¸ (Currently searching for an example photo, of which I have many.)
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    BEST: unspoken bond with other tall girls.
    We are few and far between but we can spot each other from a mile away! Mostly because we are towering over all the short people but STILL. Tall girls unite! 👊đŸŧ