I'm so fucking proud of this list. What a group of absolute fucking gems. February 26th FTW!
  1. Erykah FUCKING Badu
    NBD, just a goddess. 🙏🏼
  2. Teresa FUCKING Palmer
    Warm Bodies is my jam!!! So much love for this gal. AND: We're birthday twins (1986).
  3. OH. Yeah. Can't forget:
  4. Johnny FUCKING Cash
  5. Michael FUCKING Bolton
  6. Fats FUCKING Domino
  7. Jackie FUCKING Gleason
  8. Victor FUCKING Hugo
  9. Buffalo Bill FUCKING Cody
  10. Tony FUCKING Randall
  11. Nate FUCKING Ruess
  12. Corinne FUCKING Bailey Rae
  13. Sharon Van FUCKING Etten
  14. Levi FUCKING Strauss
    Inventor of fucking BLUE JEANS.👖
  15. *mic drop*