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  1. Not tangible however it is something indescribable
  2. To me happiness is love
    Not just receiving love, but most of all, giving it
  3. It is napping on someone's warm chest and waking up to him laughing because you snore (apparently)
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  1. Sunsets on the beach
  2. Cardio because it literally gets my heart racing
  3. Musicals
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  1. Me and my old friend Brian. He was my best friend.
  2. Me feeding a squirrel in Yosemite
  3. I cropped myself into my friends pictures so I could be in her graduation slide show.
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  1. My finals
  2. My job
  3. My classes for next quarter
  4. My income for next wuarter
  1. The moon is really bright and I can see it shining through the clouds out my window
  2. It's cloudy
  3. That means rain
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