1. Bowl of handstrewn tagliatelle with bolognese sauce... Breakfast
  2. Weird baby yoghurt probiotic I found at my friend's house... Blueberry flavored.
  3. Two pieces of toast SLATHERED with salted butter. And by that I mean salt that I physically put on butter.
  4. A crispy Pink Lady Apple
  5. A mushy peach
  6. A handful of chocolate chips
  7. A cheese atick
  8. 3 pieces of salami
  9. A bowl of granola
  10. Baby carrots. But everyone knows those don't count
  11. 4 falafel balls
  12. A bowl of tabbouleh
  13. 3 na'an pieces dipped in hummus
  14. Sour strawberry vines
  15. Banana with peanut butter
  16. Taki's
  17. Coffee