6 months into my gap year and here is a list of all the films I've watched for the first time
  1. Dazed and Confused
    Watched this the day I got my a level results in the bath with some cider. It was super fun.
  2. The Departed
    Watched this in Luke's bed. Luke didn't like it but I did.
  3. Jane Wants a Boyfriend
    This was incredibly moving and very good.
  4. The Fundamentals of Caring
    Kinda cheesy but I really liked Selena Gomez in this. She needs to do more acting.
  5. The Nice Guys
    Funny and fun. I love Ryan Gosling too and his daughter in this was sick
  6. The Diary of a Teenage Girl
    Maybe my favourite on this list. I've watched it a few times now and I love it each time. So funny and relatable and moving and kind of painful.
  7. Catch Me If You Can
  8. Before We Go
    Bit of a 'nothing happens' movie. But it was nice to watch and made me believe in love.
  9. Million Dollar Arm
    Really feel good. Pretty sure I cried a lot during this. Jon Hamm does what he does best.
  10. The Other Women
    Kinda shitty comedy but some cool women in it. I like a movie all about women and I also love Leslie Mann.
  11. American Graffiti
    Ever so slightly boring but I enjoyed it anyway.
  12. The Lobster
    So strange. Kinda creeped me out. But I really enjoyed it and was weirdly funny. Made me think about things a lot after.
  13. Waffle Street
    Luke made me watch this. I found it a bit dull.
  14. The Big Short
    This shouldn't technically be on here because I fell asleep during it. So boring but Luke liked it.
  15. 13th
    Incredibly important and moving. Riveting.
  16. Brooklyn
    I loved this. I watched it while babysitting and just felt so happy and warm after. Such a beautiful story.
  17. Shakespeare in Love
    Watched this on the plane. Really excellent and lovely. I love Shakespeare anyway so this was really great for me.
  18. The Big Lebowski
  19. The Light Between Oceans
    So sad. Kind of strained at times. Tragic.
  20. My Scientology Movie
    Very interesting. I felt so weirded out after this.
  21. Brave
    So awesome. Way shorter than I imagined but easy to watch and warms your heart. No Pixar film can be as good as Ratatouille though.
  22. Ab Fab: The Movie
    Bit shite.
  23. Star Wars Rogue One
    So excellent. Maybe the best Star Wars film so far. I cried so much at the end. The Darth Vader scenes were iconic.
  24. Assassin's Creed
    Terrible. Only thing I liked were the sweeping views over the ancient cities.
  25. The Duff
    Funny but shite. A typical high school film.
  26. How To Be Single
    Again funny but shite. All about women though which is what drew me in. I don't like Rebel Wilson.
  27. Lala Land
    Absolutely amazing. I've seen it twice in the cinema and each time was magical. I have been listening to the music from it non-stop.
  28. Hunt of the Wilderpeople
    Brilliant. So funny and sweet. Deserved more commercial recognition.
  29. American Psycho
    Creepy but pretty sick. Loved the cinematography and the decor.
  30. Captain Fantastic
    Really lovely.
  31. T2
    Brilliant sequel. Trainspotting is one of my all time favourites and this definitely lived up to it. I'm moving to Edinburgh soon and it made me so excited to be in that beautiful city.
  32. The Theory of Everything
    A little boring but Eddie Redmayne was fantastic.
  33. While We're Young
    I really liked this. Adam Driver is so good at playing a dick.
  34. What If
    Another case of Adam Driver playing a dick. This was a bit cringey but ultimately cute. Plus I love Rafe Spall.
  35. Whiplash
    Awesome. Watched this on my phone so might have to rewatch for the proper experience. That last scene was phenomenal.
  36. Once
    So sweet and lovely. The ending was heartbreaking.
  37. Trumbo
    Really interesting. Fun despite slightly dark topic matter. Bryan Cranston is always excellent.
  38. Beginners
    So lovely. I love Ewan McGregor in anything but he was so great in this. I also loved his dog.
  39. Delivery Man
    Kinda shitty comedy but funny at times. I do have a soft spot for Vince Vaughn.
  40. Legally Blonde
    How did I not see this until 2017? I have been on the planet nearly 20 years and haven't seen this. So amazing I loved it. Awesome messages and perfect protagonist and totally hilarious.
  41. A Bigger Splash
    Really enjoyed the landscape in this. Ralph Fiennes is excellent as usual. This is just a brilliant film: beautiful to watch and an engaging plot.
  42. Everybody Wants Some
    I loved Dazed and Confused so only fair that I would love this too. Fills you with nostalgia and a desperation for summer.
  43. Vicky Christina Barcelona
    As I said to my parents: it was alright. Nothing special. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz made it.
  44. Sisters
    Really funny and fun. Easy comedy. Poehler and Fey are brilliant as always.
  45. The Edge of Seventeen
    Such a sick teen film (I'm a sucker for those). A little cliche but I enjoyed it.