Basically any nice memories I have that relate to anything musical
  1. Lying in bed with Ava, Livvi and Sophie trying to do all the parts of an unknown Beach Boys song
    I was very high that's why I don't remember the song. Possibly Good Vibrations
  2. Me and all my school friends frantically dancing round Sophie'a garden to Scouting for Girls
    We were sober.
  3. Me and all my school friends making an inappropriate music video to My Humps
    Lots of spanking and twerking.
  4. Seeing Laura Marling at a festival with my bestfriend Livvi
    Was kinda euphoric to hear these songs I'd loved since I was 11 on a rainy night in a field in Devon while drinking vodka and orange squash out of a squished plastic bottle.
  5. Seeing Vampire Weekend with my now sister-in-law in Portsmouth
    I got to skip school for this. She found one of their pics on the floor and gave it to me; I still have it blutacked to my wall.
  6. Seeing FIDLAR for my birthday with Luke in London
    Best gig I've ever been to even though we got separated. Spent the whole time slightly drunkenly pushing my way to the front and dancing like a madman. Luke was off getting squished in the mosh pit. Got lost on the way home and I cried all the way up Camden high street.
  7. Dancing to wildly to Rage Against the Machine with Emma and her sister at surfer's ball
    Head banging in a nightclub is a rare sight.
  8. Hearing Leonard Cohen for the first time.
    It was on my mum's only vinyl. I always listened to it when I needed to calm down and distract myself from the rest of the world. Now my record player is broken and I'm devastated.
  9. Putting The Beatles on in the shop with Issy when our manager went for lunch.
    Then we danced and sung and tidied and served customers.
  10. Singing A Whole New World dramatically in the car in Scotland with my family.
    My mum and dad were the only ones who didn't sing. We all couldn't stop laughing.