Aka trophies I'd like to win, but keep hidden so I don't psych myself out.
  1. Whitest Sneakers
  2. Spicy Curry
  3. Kind of a Bitch
  4. Hottest in the Office
    Danny Cordray was undeserving
  5. Doobie Doobie Pothead Stoner of the Year
  6. Redefining Beauty
  7. Bushiest (read: busiest) Beaver
  8. Tight-Ass
  9. Fine Work
  10. Great Work
  11. Best Dad/Mom
  12. Cutest Redhead in the Office
  13. Show Me the Money
  14. Moving On Up
  15. Assistant Manager Award
  16. Grace Under Fire
  17. Diabetes
  18. The Don't Go In There After Me Award
  19. Longest Engagement
  20. Best Boss
    Lowered rank for emotional damage