You do you 💃🏻(full disclosure I'm guilty of everything on here)
  1. Reading the book before the movie
    "It's just waaaaaay better you have no idea, you should really read it"
  2. Taking their coffee black
  3. Getting a good discount
    Like I totally feel you but also that's how marketing/sales/capitalism works yo
  4. Not liking popular things
  5. Going a long time without something
    "I don't think I've had bread in at least a month"
  6. Binge watching shows
    I feel weirdly accomplished whenever I can check another tv show off my list???
  7. Not watching television/"I don't even own a television"
    Like good for you but you're missing out on this golden era of TV entertainment
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  8. Having interesting spellings of common names and taking pride in that while loudly complaining about how people aaaallwaays spell "Christy" as "Cristy"
    As someone named Nitya (aka Nitcha, Nidiya, Nitaya, etc) I find this very tiring
    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  9. "Making good time" when traveling
    My grandpa and my husband have bonded over their pride in getting somewhere a few minutes faster than they did last time.
    Suggested by @DG
  10. Not eating all day
    There are tons of people without EDs who pride themselves on this like it's some sort of endurance test and it's gross as fuck
    Suggested by @drugs
  11. "I only slept for like three hours."
    Because stating exactly how few hours of sleep you got last night really reinforces your claim of being "so tired."
    Suggested by @daniellesmale
  12. Liking a band before it's ""mainstream""
    also applies to: books, tv shows, and basically anything else. like good for you but now we've both read The Hunger Games and listen to Halsey so
    Suggested by @chloeabzzz
  13. Doing their own home improvement
    Or you know, hire an expert to do a great job the first time.
    Suggested by @katyjmr
  14. Not wearing any make up or not knowing how to put it on
    What is mascara lol?!
    Suggested by @jsyrkinn