1. 💡Neighbors' excessive lights knock out your power
  2. 🎄Tree catches fire/falls through a window/gets stolen by a green man
  3. 🎅🏼 Santa falls off a roof/ has a midlife crisis/ goes missing
  4. 👪 Family members you hate show up out of the blue, uninvited
  5. 👻 Various ghosts attempt to help you to get a better perspective on your life
  6. ✈️ Your family leaves you home alone/ you board the wrong flight/ some turn of events makes your mom yell "KEVIN" loudly in public before hell breaks loose
  7. ⛄️ You and your loved ones learn that snowmen can melt and cry for days
  8. 🍝 Your long lost half brother shows up and makes maple syrup spaghetti
  9. 🏘🌠 Your town is forced to put aside their differences for the sake of coming together to save ✨Christmas spirit✨