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  1. This is from the last time I gave blood - I sent this to my brothers to make them feel guilty I don't think it really worked. Yes those are trackies and yes that is a bears hat - I'm a girl who can't be arsed to get dressed up to give blood
  2. This is the first photo on y phone and is my current Facebook header - it's from one of my favourite shows party down in case you haven't seen it - watch it there's only 20 episodes and they're only 20 mins long.
  3. I don't eat eggs. But recently have made an effort to and so I am doing a runaway bride, in the sense that I am trying loads of different kind of eggs to work out which one I like best.
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  1. I don't leave my house
    reading podcasts music TV shows films - all enjoyed within my comfort of my own home. Why leave the garden of Eden ?
  2. When I do go out of a night it is never with the intention of meeting 'the one'
    As if I'm going to find him in a Yates?
  3. When I do go out of a night it is never with the expectation that I will even get with someone
    If I do it's a bonus
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