Who turned 80 years old this past Sunday. And will NEVER see this list.
  1. Spent the last week in the hospital with a weird racing heart rate blood pressure issue that wasn't ever resolved
    Legitimately had my phone glued to my side waiting on updates because I am about 2 hours away and couldn't get there right away myself
  2. Told her doctor repeatedly that she was NOT spending her birthday in the hospital and needed to be out my Friday
    Because she has a standing hair appointment Friday afternoons at 1:30.
  3. Her level of sass has increased with her age and the two of us can dish it out to one another hard core
    Sometimes she is the only one I can talk to because I know she won't sugar coat things. And I have become her go to formal medical related questions/concerns because I work in a hospital and that apparently makes me all knowing lol.
  4. I talk to her on the phone 2-3 times a week, more than any other family member
  5. She raised 3 kids with my grandfather and didn't learn how to drive until she has her second kid (my dad) at the age of 30!
  6. Even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer she STILL took care of our family, specifically my stepmother who herself had terminal cancer
    And when she was just in the hospital the staff couldn't get over the fact that she wasn't hitting her call light. Like at all. They kept coming in and checking on her and asking her if there was anything she needed. Which she always replied no.
  7. I've never seen her as excited as when she was gifted a monogrammed, insulated casserole rush carrier for Christmas two years ago
    Like seriously SO excited.
  8. I've gotten a card from her in the mail just about every week since I started college
    4 years of undergrad plus going on my second year of graduate school. I've kept just about all of them in a box with plans to hole punch them and turn them into a book of sorts. It's roughly about 300 cards/notes, not even joking.
  9. I used to be her favorite grandchild...but was replaced by THE DOG
    The dogs name is Lance, the brothers name is Greg, both are ridiculous at times.
  10. I am planning on spending part of my spring break with her, and hoping to finally learn how to cook her famous bread😊and she just got an iPad for her birthday! So I guess I'll be teaching her how to use it 🙈