I Went to Chicago for the First Time This Past Weekend

For the AOTA national conference, I'm finishing up my Masters in Occupational Therapy and conference is an awesome opportunity to learn about the field (and an excuse to see a new city)
  1. Part of the crew!
  2. One of the public libraries...wish I could have gone in (we didn't have time)
  3. Taking the Chicago metro
  4. Deep dish pizza! SO GOOD.
  5. Mirror selfie at the OSU happy hour
  6. Art Institute of Chicago 😍
  7. Paid the extra 5$ to see the Van Gogh exhibit! Worth it.
  8. Renoir, and my favorite painting of the day
  9. The whole group at the Bean!
  10. 103 floors up at the Willis Tower
  11. View from Willis Tower at sunset!
  12. What squeezing 7 people in a hotel room looks like (three air mattresses on the ground)
  13. Awesome pic of the Bean a classmate snagged!
  14. That's all folks!