1. Age: 25
  2. Height: 5'6"
  3. Weight: for me and my doctor to know
  4. Shoe size: 8-8.5
  5. Relationships: 1ish
    I say ish because there were a few where some out consider it a relationship but it was never defined
  6. Breakups: 1
    It was over text, and he decided that during my finals was the perfect time to do it 😒
  7. Cars owned: 3
    Pontiac grand am '93 and '96 followed by a Elantra '10
  8. Apartments lived in without parents: 3
  9. Ohio themed decorations in my living room: 5
  10. Number of times I've watched Pride and Prejudice since its been on Netflix: 10 or so
    Sometimes it's just on for background noise
  11. Loads of laundry I've done today: 1
  12. Items of clothes I set aside to donate today: 8
  13. Colleges I've attended: 1
    Ohio State all the way 🙌🏼 undergrad and graduate school
  14. Countries I've lived in: 1
    United States
  15. Countries I've visited: 3
    Bahamas, Canada, and the United States (because I think traveling within your home country is just as important!)
  16. Number of coffees I've had today: 1
    Should have had another cup, chose to take a nap instead 😴
  17. Semesters I have left of school: 2.5
    Need to finish out this semester of course work, followed by 2 semesters of full time clinicals 😳
  18. Plans I have for tomorrow: 0