It's 4 a.m. and your mind is still too busy to shut its smart self down so you're considering just staying up all night instead of getting that headache you always do when you don't sleep enough.
  1. Why are hamsters so cheap? Seriously, it's a LIVING THING. For TWELVE DOLLARS. How is there even a profit?
  2. How is Donald Trump still in the running? Why is America so naive and stupid?
  3. Who invented the term, "goosebumps"? Genius.
  4. Why isn't Melissa McCarthy announced to be in the Gilmore Girls revival?
  5. Why did the woman at Walmart not care that I was underage when I got my ears pierced? When did she go to jail?
  6. Why didn't I care about feminism sooner?
  7. Why does coffee have to stain teeth when it is amazing in every other way?
  8. What possessed van Gogh to cut his ear off? I know he was severely mentally ill but, still, his ear?
  9. Why is a new season of Doctor Who not coming out for a year? You guys clearly knew you were switching writers so why not plan? I planned. I planned on watching Doctor Who soon.
  10. Why is two blankets not enough, but three too much?
  11. Are elephants the only animals with hilariously large ears?
  12. Is writing lists better than typing lists? We may never know.
  13. Is there a better way to try to sleep than this? Probably, right?
  14. How many eyelashes does the average person have?
  15. Will I grey early like my mom?
  16. How many people, along with me, will leave the country when Trump inevitably becomes president?
  17. How the hell can Trump become president?
  18. Will I figure out a way to not plan my days around food?
  19. Will I be okay if I don't get married and have a baby in the next five years?
  20. Why are peppermint and lavender oils combined so incredibly relaxing? My gosh. Blessings on the person who discovered the magic of oils.
  21. Will I fall asleep before the sun comes up?